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What is Cold Rolled Sheet

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 What is Cold Rolled Sheet

Cold rolled sheet is made of hot rolled coil. It is rolled under the re-crystallization temperature at room temperature. How much do you know about cold rolled sheet? Next, we sort out some uses of cold-rolled steel plates. I hope it will help you.

Application fields of cold rolled sheet

Cold rolled sheet and strip are widely used, such as automobile manufacturing, electrical products, rolling stock, aviation, precision instruments, food cans, etc.

Cold rolled steel sheet is the abbreviation of common carbon structural steel cold rolled sheet, also known as cold rolled sheet, commonly known as cold rolled sheet, sometimes mistakenly written as cold rolled sheet. Cold plate is made of hot-rolled steel strip of ordinary carbon structural steel, which is further cold rolled into a steel plate with a thickness of less than 4mm. Due to rolling at normal temperature, there is no iron oxide scale. Therefore, the cold plate has good surface quality and high dimensional accuracy. Coupled with annealing treatment, its mechanical and technological properties are better than hot-rolled steel sheet. It has been gradually used to replace hot-rolled steel sheet in many fields, especially in the field of household appliance manufacturing.

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